Natalie (Ebenreuter) Lehoux Design Research LabanAssist Interaction Animation Resume Portfolio

The key objective of the prototype computer application called 'LabanAssist', is to simplify the process of documenting movement as Labanotation scores. It works to facilitate their correct grammatical composition and enhance the identification of Laban symbols for novice users of the language. The prototype is confined to a basic understanding of movement and makes use of an introductory level of Labanotation symbols for the documentation of movement.

The term novice user in this regard, refers to a student undertaking tuition in a dance related discipline in conjunction with an introductory course of Labanotation. While an understanding of music and rhythm would be advantageous to the student, it is not essential.

The prototype requires users of the system to select various menu options and items in the interface to describe movement for its documentation. In doing so, it removes the need for a purely technical solution to verify the structure and syntax of Labanotation scores.

By designing a structured process for their documentation and an interface that effectively communicates this, the correct syntax of Labanotation is established. The documentation of movement is carried out as a function of the system as apposed to relying on the expertise of a notator. It is hoped that LabanAssist will be further developed and one-day compliment the existing tools LabanWriter and LabanLab.

A Prototype Application

The development of this prototype is a continual work in progress. It is limited to a specific use of functionality to support an iterative design process and a number of specific usability testing methods. The application is designed to notate a single measure of predetermined movement and requires you to set up a Laban score to suit this movement.


LabanAssist Takeaway [pdf]

Interactive Overview [mov]