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Design Research

I see design as a dynamic and complex process made up of diverse people, methods, perspectives and values. Through effective methods of communication, I believe mutual understandings can be developed between designers and various stakeholders in the design process. As a result this can provide designers with a better understanding of the necessary variables of a design situation and inform the creation of useful products or services.

I see interaction as a continuous process of interpretation, whereby an individual's (or an actor's) interpretation of interaction forms a basis for meaning, thought and action. I am particularly interested in understanding the process of designation and interpretation that motivates an individual to act out, any one of the possible lines of action they construct in response to an interactive situation. This is based on symbolic interactionist view rather than one that stems from cognitive processes or sociological determinism.


PhD Abstract [pdf]

PhD Thesis (46 MB) [pdf]
Journal Publications

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Conference Publications

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Workshop Position Papers

Lehoux, N. 2013, 'Position Paper: Challenging the Control of Evolving TV Services', for Exploring and Enhancing the User Experience for TV in CHI 2013 Changing Perspectives, Paris, France. [www]

Ebenreuter, N. 2010, 'Exploring future design methods and tools for the creation of ephemeral interactions: A Position Paper', for Crafting the Immaterial Materiality in Interactive Products and Services in the 7th International Conference on Design & Emotion, Chicago, USA. [www]


Robinson, J & Ebenreuter, N. EP 10305442.5: Group reading progression monitoring by display analysis.
Gardes et al., P-517/US: Video Content Item Timeline.